BIRD’S NOTES ft. Kiko Freitas is for sale on ZenneZ Records! GET YOURS here

Upcoming july tour dates

Autumn – full of performances with the Upper austrian Jazz Orchestra and Fernando Paiva

Short trip to the birthland Lithuania to present “How Deep Is Her Voice”, new CD of Leonardas Pilkauskas @ Jazz Cellar, Vilnius

The tour with the Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra and Fernando Paiva in its full swing

Egle Petrosiute had a privilege to perform at the ‘Samen Voor de Zorg’ event in Amare Concert Hall, The Hague

“Bailarina” by Fernando Paiva ft. Egle Petrosiute, Sabri Tulug Tirpan & Bertl Mayer – Live @ Festival Brazil Calling, Vienna, 2019 – OUT NOW

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Brazilian World Music project with the UPPER AUSTRIAN JAZZ ORCHESTRA

LA LE YA suite OUT NOW!!!!

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Have you listened to BIRD’S NOTES?

“Very good singing, beautiful voice and great pitch! I love the dynamics, rhythm and harmony of BIRD’S NOTES” – Rosa Passos

“…From the evocative opening to the crystal-clear vocals, the number is beautifully structured and includes a devilish bass solo amongst the dramatic delivery…” – Sammy Stein

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Interview with Co de Kloet on NPO Radio 2

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