Eglė Petrošiūtė – jazz&world music vocalist whose face and voice is getting more and more familiar among the lovers of improvised music in Europe. Natural elegance with a touch of wild inner spirit that wants to break free – these are the first things you notice about her. And she does break free – through her music and through improvisation. From the greatest jazz singers and horn players to brazilian rhythms and Stevie Wonder, Petrošiūtė got her hands on it all, so her music subconsciously turned out to be a rather sophisticated, but entertaining blend.

Petrošiūtė moved to the Netherlands in 2012 to pursue a career in jazz. She was fortunate to study with the Dutch jazz greats such as Lydia Van Dam, Jarmo Hoogendijk, John Ruocco, Martijn van Iterson and Joris Roelofs to name a few and soon started developing her own taste and approach to music. She started performing in various jazz settings, venues and festivals mostly with her Egle Petrosiute Group and a world music band Samba da Minha Terra.

Petrošiūtė has had chances to sing with several great orchestras, namely Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Vilnius Jazz Orchestra, LRT Light Music Orchestra, The Magic Time Orchestra, Amstel Big Band and the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw.

With own bands and as a guest singer Petrošiūtė has already performed in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Brazil. She is currently working on her debut CD with Egle Petrosiute Group which will be released in 2019.